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I'm a businesswoman, a wife, a horse-crazy gal, and the mom of two.


I'm a business woman, the mother of two, a wife since 1989, and I've been infected with "horse-crazyness" since 1978 or so.

Mt mother thought it was just a phase, so she bought me, my kid sis, and my next older sis (the last three of seven kids) a horse after she sold her mother's home.

Well, nearly 30 years later, and it's a rather long-lived phase. I've educated myself in business, I've worked a variety of jobs in my life, and I know a few things that I'm just trying to pass on. I have a love of learning that just cant be satisfied, so I eventually decided to share it with my teleseminars.

I've learned more from the questions that others raise on these calls than I would have ever learned on my own - so thank you for your wonderful questions. Never stopa sking questions, never stop learning.